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Your Cleaner Environment

Imagine... knowing your place is contaminate free! Virtually no viruses, no germs, and no bacteria. YOU have the ability to keep it that way too. Regular maintenance such as wiping with an approved COVID-19 disinfectant such as dual-alcohol based, FDA food-grade and EPA approved D-PG sanitizer.

What We Offer

  We use The Incredible Machine (T.I.M.) along with our D-PG solution that produces a super dry fog (5 mircons). This process disinfects and sanitizes about anything it touches (which is everything). Our D-PG fog kills the germs and viruses that we are all most concerned about. 

Semi-wet fogging is also available and serves a similar purpose but with lingering residue for your ongoing bacteria / germ / virus killing needs.

Quick n Fast - IN & OUT

The Incredible Machine (T.I.M.) is so fast and thorough you'll be amazed that it will complete the dry disinfecting of your home or business in just minutes. T.I.M. has the ability to take our D-PG blended solution and dry disperse (fog) it everywhere, dense and super fast.

SAFE & Thorough Dry Thermal Fogging

 Since our dry thermal fogging solution is reduced to (as small as) 5 micron, the D-PG solution gets under and through carpet, furniture and porous surfaces. Plus, inside sensitive electronics, TVs, cell phones, tablets, and computers - without harming or causing damage in any way. Not only is D-PG dry but it evaporates and leaves virtually no residue. Read more about how safe D-PG really.   Disclaimer

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