Our D-PG Solution

Distilled - Propylene Glycol (D-PG)

Absolutely amazing is PG. (Propylene Glycol). As "chemically" as the name sounds, it is an amazing EPA & FDA approved product wonder that is as SAFE as safe can be. One could call it the miracle of  products. The "D" in the name stands for "Distilled H20". for our disinfecting and thermal fogging (T.I.M.) process we have the blend set at at no more than 5% distilled H20 - to act as a solvent & fog enhancer for the PG.

Although debatable, PG is not perfect, it is truly a fantastic FDA food-grade (ingestible, injectable breathable, touchable) sanitizer that does wonders in so many categories. PG is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in cosmetics, medical, food, manufacturing, ...just about every industry in the world.


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