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Decontamination RESET Service

Contamination RESET comes from our predecessor cleaning service company that was founded in 1988. Today, Contamination RESET specializes and focuses on decontamination (sanitation) of buildings (residential, commercial, & industrial), only. We rid these places of harmful bacteria, flu, viruses, and more using our specialized thermal fogging systems with a food-grade disinfectant that leaves no residue.  

T.I.M. - The Incredible Machine

 The use of T.I.M. (The Incredible Machine) is our first "secret". T.I.M. is a high-tech dry thermal fogging machine used to create a completely dry microscopic fog (as small as just 5-micron). T.I.M's vapor/fog capabilities has been proven to be the very best in reaching all cracks & crevasses, and deep inside just about everything (porous surfaces, fabric, carpet, wood, and inside computers are examples). Dry fogging eliminates getting anything wet and damaged. This means that wet-sensitive items such as computers, electronics, and important papers are never harmed - ever. 

Our D-PG Blended Sanitary Solution

The second "secret" is D-PG, our blended sanitary solution for T.I.M.. PG is 100% pure Propylene Glycol and is synthesize with just the right amount of distilled H20, acting as a solvent and fog enhancer. This D-PG special blend eradicates bacteria, germs, viruses, and so much more. Because our D-PG sanitary solution is completely dry, it doesn’t leave any chemical or harmful residue - what-so-ever. D-PG is EPA approved and is USDA (FDA) food grade quality. This means that nothing needs to be wiped-down after T.I.M.'s dry thermal dry fogging system has been completed – not even food preparation areas, plates, pot & pans, or even the food itself. See more about how D-PG is safe.

Contamination RESET

 Contamination RESET means that the building is sanitary once again (probably for the first time ever). Every germ, bacteria, and virus that D-PG has been designed to kill - is dead. No chemical residue lingers, nothing to wipe-down, thus no on-going killing power from T.I.M.'s dry fogging and our blended D-PG solution. This means that your normal (CDC recommend) sanitary maintenance plan comes into play. You now have a fresh-start (a RESET). It is up to you to keep your place clean. 

Contamination ONGOING

We provide a wet fogging service as well. This would be recommeneded in areas that are not wet-sensitive - such as floors, carpet, walls, and bathrooms. Our disinfection solution leaves a disinfectant lingering residue that works for many days. This is a stand-alone or an add-on service and is priced the same as our dry fogging services.

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